This ATTITUDE of the SOUL does GOOD to ITS OWN,

Veganism is not limited to a simple food habit, but to a movement in search of a healthier lifestyle. It is therefore a choice with major ETHICAL implications: committing ourselves to being vegan does not only mean not harming animals but eliminating the use of products and ingredients derived from animals in any daily situation, such as in the use of Personal Care products for example.
Starting from the golden rule of veganism that is not to treat animals as “commodities”, if at the beginning it was a question of following an ethical principle (saving animals and the environment), now we focus more on the awareness of the importance of taking care of ourselves and our health. Nowadays “Pure” veganism meets with many hardships because there are so many products, elements and ingredients of animal origin.

ARRIVAL wanted to support and make its own real contribution to the Purity of Vegan Awareness, not only by eliminating any possible animal derivative or ingredient from its products but by openly banning animal testing, signing a commitment not to market its products in countries where testing animal is required, and moreover, for issues dear to veganism such as Zero Waste and CO2 reduction, to use only 100% recycled packaging, really helping to reduce the environmental impact.