NATURE RECYCLES EVERYTHING. Let’s learn from this!
RECYCLING is the highest expression of CULTURE and RESPONSIBILITY.


Packaging is a topic and a process carefully evaluated by ARRIVAL.

The goal, in harmony with our principles of Social and Environmental Responsibility, was to find both primary (bottle) and secondary (case) packaging and, last but not least, tertiary one (boxes / master cartons for logistics / shipping) best materials in terms of recyclability, sustainability and energy saving.

Preliminarily, we have carried out a lot of research and market studies mainly for the bottle, looking for solutions of Biodegradable or even Compostable materials. Unfortunately, the state of the art has not given us certainties regarding safety, hygiene and acceptability. We are confident in the future development of research.

Nevertheless, we have obtained and used the best that the manufacturing companies can offer today, completely safe for the products and for a better End-of-Life packaging process: bottles and cases from 100% recycled material while for logistics / shipping boxes from 80%, further fully recyclable. We want to keep plastic and paper in use for as long as possible in a circular loop system by collecting, processing and repeatedly reusing it.

In addition, we have minimised the volume and weight, ensuring the necessary level of safety, hygiene and acceptability both for the packaged product and for the consumer. Each package has an Environmental Label to provide the consumer with all the necessary information on the components, composition and procedures of recycling. All packaging complies with European regulations, in particular, the plastic bottles have been tested for the Overall Migration Limits (OML) as well as for the plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.


It is made up of 100% PCR-HDPE 2 (High Density Polyethylene from Post-Consumer Recycled) certified by the Second Life consortium. The recycled material is obtained from raw material regenerated from plastic waste of urban consumption. (The pump Dispenser is in PP 5- virgin polypropylene).


It is made up of the highest quality 100% recycled paper and is FSC® certified.

Thanks to Carbon Offset, the emissions generated during production of this eco-friendly paper are fully offset through Carbon Credits used to finance activities that can absorb CO2 in the atmosphere.

Packaging features: