EVERY MAN is WORTH just as much as the THINGS

(Marco Aurelio)


Our Brand

Our Brand

Is full of meanings and represents the Values and Principles we firmly believe in, driving our choices and actions. The Logo and Icon are our Vision. They are our purposes in the World of Beauty, a Future to be realized that brightens our action, our Mission: what we do with the utmost dedication and motivation every day.

We believe in the Sacredness of the Earth in all its manifestations, which in Nature have their highest expression.

The female icon represents the PHRA MAE THORANI: the MOTHER EARTH GODDESS.

A key figure in Hinduism and Buddhism that does not want to have any religious meaning in our representation – common to many other religious confessions – but rather a deep Metaphorical and Symbolic value.

MAE THORANI (Thai language) plays a fundamental role in the stories and events that led Prince Siddhartha (Buddha) to Enlightenment. It is said that while Siddhartha Gautama around 500 BC was sitting in meditation in the well-known Diamond position under the Bodhi tree – “Tree of Awakening” was a large and ancient sacred fig tree recognizable by its heart-shaped leaves – Mara, personification of Evil, was jealous and wanted to stop him from reach the Enlightenment. Supported by his army, he tried to cast out Siddhartha, left alone because all the fearful gods had run away. Remaining impassive but claiming his right, the Bodhisattva (Siddhartha) with the well-known gesture of his right hand (Mudra) touched the Earth with his fingers, calling her to be his WITNESS. The Goddess of the Earth, emerging from the ground in all her glory, appeared in the form of a Beautiful Woman to testify that Siddhartha was the rightful Buddha by virtue of all the merits he had obtained on his path to Enlightenment. To prove the truth of this she took her long tail of hair and by wringing out it, she made streams of Pure Water, all the water the Earth had received and collected over the centuries as Merits and good Deeds of love and compassion performed by Siddhartha. The water that came out of her hair was so great that it flooded Mara and his entire army of demons, sweeping him away, defeating him. The Bodhisattva, now free, was able to attain Enlightenment and became the Buddha.

Why is this story important for ARRIVAL?

Touching the Earth and calling her to bear witness, Siddhartha reaffirms that the Dharma (Cosmic Order) is closely linked to Nature, that the Order of Things is completely in tune with and connected to the Earth, the whole Nature. Siddhartha does not invoke Heaven but Mother Earth, confirming that our bond with the nurturing and sustaining Mother is strong. It is for this reason that for us in Arrival these are fundamental “Nature-Oriented” Values and Principles. It is our belief that only actions and behaviours that protect and preserve her can be the highest expression of harmony, respect and tribute to her sacredness. As well told in story, we receive exactly what we have given. The Earth returns only and only what she has received from us, nothing else. Her condition is a living testimony to the respect we show her.

Being mindful that all living beings depend on each other, just as we depend on all the elements of Nature, our strong desire (Vision) is actually contributing to respect for Nature through the World of Beauty, which is its brightest expression, supporting people to care of and respect themselves in order to make them Happy and Gratified thanks to all that Nature offers and gives us.

To make this possible (Mission), we work concretely and daily to the best of Scientific and Technological Knowledge and with the utmost Seriousness and Professionalism, in formulating and producing Hair Care products with the highest concentrations of Natural & Bio-Organic ingredients. Products are accredited by the most restrictive, exclusive and internationally recognized certifications, with respect for Nature and the most demanding and aware consumers, bringing Luxury (such as luxuriant nature) into the Organic through Eco-sustainability.

This figure we wanted to indicate on the shoulder of the MAE THORANI is not a number but a symbolic representation. Not to mention the number 108 has specific meanings in many religions as well as well-defined correlations with Astronomy and Mathematics, in our indication it represents an Auspicious process closely linked to our Vision as an Arrival and an achievement: a Union – orderly and harmonious – represented by the 0, between the conscious and respectful fusion of the 8 elements of Nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether, the Ego, mind and intellect) and the Beginning of all things, the 1. A Union through Beauty.

This is just why our ARRIVAL logo represents a safe harbour, finally reaching shore by means of water (Mae Thorani) with science, skill and courage. An arrival that is the awareness that shapes and organizes our choices and decisions in everything we do. Hence, Organic and Organized Cosmetics for a twofold reason. Not only do we want to indicate the natural and certified organic origin of the ingredients and raw materials that make up our cosmetic products, but, more importantly, that this is carried out in a broader overall framework that constitutes the organ and the body of our activities, all according to a clear Mission. It is for this reason that it is also “organized” the use of sustainable packaging, the enhancement of handmade production, the support of the Ethical & Fairtrade chain, the offer of products with the strictest internationally recognized Certifications, the awareness of the superior value of the Earth and the future of the coming generations. Being a single organized whole, bearer of Responsibility, carried out with transparency, respect and fairness, in the world of Beauty, contributing as much as possible to the protection of the environment and the improvement of people’s living conditions.

We know, as the famous navigators of Venice (and worldwide) have shown over the centuries, that Arrival is always a returning from a journey and a new departure with new eyes to go boldly beyond our own limits. Men who have been protagonists of discoveries that have changed the geography and Earth’s history. The great travellers of the past have chosen to up anchor, to cross unknown territories, to risk their lives to discover what was hidden beyond the horizon of Knowledge. And their name has remained engraved in history, the Venetians: Marco Polo, Giovanni and Sebastiano Caboto, Alvise da Mosto and Pietro Querini.