To certify its Natural & Organic products, Arrival strongly wanted to refer to the International Association which it considers the most esteemed and reputed. It was a complex and hard path (from ingredients, formulations, production processes to packaging) but necessary in order to be able to offer our customers products that express the best in terms of Quality, Naturalness, Transparency and Authenticity. On the NATURE IN HAIR range in the Hair Care products category, 7 out of 8 have achieved the highest level – not at all usual for the category – obtaining the certification of ORGANIC COSMETICS. This goal, very clear from the beginning, was possible thanks to the work of the whole ARRIVAL team, to whom goes the utmost appreciation and esteem.

NATRUE is “The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association”, a non-profit organization created in 2007 in Brussels, committed to protecting and promoting authentic natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide. In its role as association, NATRUE advocates for better regulation in the natural and organic cosmetic sector.

Currently there isn’t a harmonised standard at EU level to ban the misusing of natural and organic claims made in relation to cosmetic products. As a result, it is possible in the market that not every cosmetic product identifying itself as “natural” or “organic” meets consumers’ expectations. The threat of greenwashing gives consumers valid reasons to be sceptical about the degree of veracity of claims, particularly in cosmetics that don’t offer any verifiable guarantees about their “natural” or “organic” qualities.

For this reason, in order to guarantee the authenticity and qualities consumers expect of, the pioneers of the Natural Care sector created NATRUE and its Label to help consumers easily identify cosmetics that meet stringent criteria through a transparent and verifiable standard.

NATRUE participates in and contributes to relevant regulatory decision-making bodies’ groups and meetings at European and international level: it is a member of the European Commission’s Cosmetics Working Group and it is also regularly invited by the European institutions; it is a member of the European Committee for Standardization and contributes to ISO TC 217/WG 4.

What makes the NATRUE brand special?

The NATRUE Label can only be granted to natural and organic cosmetics made only and exclusively with substances which are:

100% Natural
(unmodified and obtained only by physical processes or fermentation) or derived natural ingredients (resulting of allowed chemical reaction processes on natural ingredients).
Only certain nature-identical preservatives
pigments and minerals (these substances are reproduced in the lab or they can be found in nature).
Added water is not counted
unlike other private standards, the NATRUE criteria establish that added water is not counted in the total content calculation of natural and organic ingredients in order to avoid artificially inflating the percentage of “naturalness” of a cosmetic product.

All other substances are Non-authorised ones, especially:

  • substances from petrochemical origin or from GMOs;
  • synthetic perfumes, silicones, parabens or microplastics.

To obtain the NATRUE label, cosmetic products must not only comply with requirements at formulation level, but also with strict criteria regarding the ingredients and materials used both inside and outside of the product. Aspects related to manufacturing processes, sustainability at packaging level, commitment to biodiversity and environmental protection and biodegradability of substances are also covered in the NATRUE Label criteria.

And not just that, even if European Regulations already prohibit animal testing for all cosmetic products, NATRUE, being firmly of the opinion that no animal testing may be performed on NATRUE certified products (ingredients and finished products),has decided that NATRUE certified products may not be supplied to extra EU markets where testing animal is required. ARRIVAL signed this Deed of Commitment.

Levels of certification

NATRUE defines two levels of certification for natural and organic cosmetic products:

Natural cosmetics
depending on the product category, a minimum level of natural substances and maximum levels of processed substances of natural origin (derived natural substances) must be respected.
Organic cosmetics
over and above the basic requirements laid for natural cosmetics with organic content, at least 95% of the natural substances and derived natural substances must come from controlled organic farming and/or wild collection.

NATRUE’s 75% rule against greenwashing:

At least 75% of all cosmetic products of a brand or sub-brand (or 8 out of 10 products) must be compliant with the NATRUE Label criteria in order to be granted the NATRUE Label.