“Of LIFE two chief PRIZES, BEAUTY and TRUTH,
I found the first in a LOVING HEART
and the second in a LOBORER’S HAND.

(Khalil Gibran)

Each product made in our laboratory expresses the Nature and Passion of the people who work on. Real people with a name and a past who know how to convey love and care to what they do every day. It is not simply a job but a lifestyle choice: a MISSION.

Here, natural products come to life mainly characterized by an artisanal 100% “handmade” production which involves all people in the process: from the Natural and Organic ingredients resulting from the work of small farms, mainly family-run of the territory, as well as from collaborations and projects with young farmers who have devoted themselves to an ancient but valuable job; from the formulation and production according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in order to offer a high quality standard to the final labelling and packaging.

In order to realize how important it is to choose natural handmade cosmetics, just consider how much hair and scalp affect us from an aesthetic, psychological and healthy point of view. Regarding the last one, hair and scalp are always into direct contact with external agents, such as smog, cold, heat, dust, toxins, so they are the litmus test of our state of health reflecting the lifestyle we lead.

Hence, the type of cosmetic products we apply (or we don’t apply) on a daily basis often makes a difference to our health. Knowing what’s inside the bottles we use is essential. Our natural handmade cosmetics have plant active ingredients, essential oils and non-harmful or irritating aromas. They do not contain GMOs, chemical preservatives, petrolatum, silicones, heavy metals and all chemicals considered potentially harmful and toxic: they are Hair Care products with natural and organic eco-sustainable extracts: products with ingredients that respect the environment and promoting the decent work for all.

These are the essential carefulness and qualities of our artisanal production: the utmost attention in relation to the sustainability and naturalness of the ingredients, all 100% natural, handmade.

We, ARRIVAL, have a strong Passion and in doing this we prove faithful to the Mission.