The very EARTH feeds MAN.

The most HONEST and FAIREST profit comes from AGRICULTURE.

Only a HEALTHY society pays FULL RESPECT to the EARTH and those WHO WORK IT.

We aimed to base our production and trading activities on sustainable bases, sharing a different vision of the economy that does not only target profit or sales volume, but which has as a fundamental and essential requirement the respect of all those who are involved in the supply chain.

A Firm that is carried out with transparency, respect and fairness. We have founded and developed ARRIVAL in a sustainable way, feeling like bearers of a global responsibility to both producers and consumers, industry and the environment.

We aim to develop the beauty market and the use of our products may contribute to the environmental conservation and the improvement of living conditions.

We believe that our presence in the Beauty market cannot be separated from the respect of sound ethical and moral principles. Producing ethically and responsibly means pursuing a manufacturing model that respects and protects human rights, the regenerative inward might of the Earth and the social welfare of the whole community, promoting fair and sustainable development from both a social and environmental point of view.

The ingredients present in our products, natural and organic, have been ethically grown and processed by small farms, mainly family-run of the territory, by using cutting-edge extraction methods and having us a direct control over the supply chain. The same goes for some organic ingredients and raw materials coming from “fair trade” projects in other continents, mainly Asia and Latin America.

With regard to both national companies and those of other continents, a fair compensation, higher than the current market prices, is granted to the workers involved in the production process, thus contributing to the economic and social development of local communities, thanks also to planned long-term trade agreements, hence promoting agricultural sustainability.

In today’s context where the principles of Ethics and Fairness of the eighties have been partially disregarded and many changes have occurred (just think that today we have about more than 500 fair trade labels in the market that certainly do not encourage transparency), a real new sensitivity is gaining ground, rediscovering the true goals of sustainable economy.

We will to play our role by being driven by universally shared principles such as: Transparency and Responsibility, Ethical and Solidarity Practices, Fair Payment, No child labor exploitation and labor exploitation in general, Commitment to non-discrimination (gender equality), Ensure healthy and good working conditions, Improvement of skills, Use of renewable raw materials and Respect for the environment.